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Vissza a Karrier főoldalra

!Most Wanted!

🚀 Future Pipeline 🚀

❗This is not a traditional job posting❗

We created this "position" to give you the opportunity to submit your resume even if you can't find a job opening that perfectly matches your interests and experience.

📞 If we have a potential opportunity for you, Our recruiter will contact you 📞

If you are a MEDIOR/SENIOR 💻

  • You can work flexible hours, either in the office or from home;
  • We are a family-friendly company;
  • We have fast-paced projects that require strong teamwork and initiative, but we can also offer tasks with a more relaxed pace and more time for in-depth work;
  • You can learn from the best in the industry through hands-on work;
  • You will be mentored by experienced colleagues who are passionate about sharing their knowledge.

What will you need 💪

  • If you have at least 2< years of relevant experience in the following technologies as a Backend Developer/Frontend Developer/Full-Stack Developer/DevOps Engineer
    • Java
    • .Net
    • React
    • Python
    • Angular
  • You are fluent in English;
  • You have reviewed all of our open positions on our website and have not found one that is relevant to you at this time;
  • You would like to have your resume on file with us for the next few months, and for our recruiter to be able to find you easily.

Why should you join 🤸

🥷 BlackBelt team - You can join a cool and professional team, where everyone has a BlackBelt in technology;
🧠 Development - We are supporting your growth with trainings and certifications;
👣 Diversity - You can switch between projects and Delivery Units;
😮 WOW - We are supporting our colleague's health and well-being with WOW (Wellbeing Office Way) program;
🛋️ Flexibility - If you enjoy home office, then you can still enjoy your couch after Covid;
🧡 Support - We are a caring organisation, if you face difficulties you can always count on us.

In office

!Most Wanted!













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